Beyond the Cards: Tapping into your Intuition without Tools.”: Spiritual Sundays at Star Seeded Shop

Join us for a judgement free, open minded and welcoming series on spiritual topics for those of all levels and knowledge! October’s theme is, “Beyond the Cards: Tapping into your Intuition without Tools.”

Please bring a Tarot and/or Oracle deck or two if possible. Limited decks will be provided, and decks are also available for purchase at Star Seeded Shop.

In this session, we will cover how to understand your own intuitive cues when reading for yourself and others that are shown to us via our intuitive senses. That is, understanding how to receive visuals, sound cues, feelings or other forms of intuition with our senses when reading.

This is a great workshop to attend if you are a total “newbie”, have never picked up a tarot deck or worked with your intuition, or have some experience, or are wanting to deepen your skills and knowledge base. Open to adults and teens! $15/person.

Pay in person to avoid Eventbrite fees!

Please contact Star Seeded Shop to secure your spot either via email at or call/text 828-593-3318.

About the facilitator, Katie:

“Katie, the woman, “Behind Third Eyes,” uses her natural abilities as a channel and medium to connect with spirit guides, past lives and lost loved ones. Her specialties include channeling spirit guides, past life regressions, intuitive tarot and practical manifestation. She has communicated with the spirit world since she was a child. She is incredibly grateful to read for you today!”

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