Halloween Tarot Readings at Star Seeded Shop

In person readings at Star Seeded Shop! This special event takes place during Star Seeded Shop’s two year anniversary party! To book in advance, email Star Seeded Shop at or call/text 828-593-3318 to book a reading time. Last reading must begin at 3 pm, as Group Channeled Message Circle to follow!

Readings are $40 for 30 minutes or $75 for one hour.

New client who has never gotten a reading from Katie? Readings are $25 for 25 minutes for new clients!

About your reader, Katie:

“Katie, the woman, “Behind Third Eyes,” uses her natural abilities as a channel and medium to connect with spirit guides, past lives and lost loved ones. Her specialties include channeling spirit guides, past life regressions, intuitive tarot and practical manifestation. She has communicated with the spirit world since she was a child. She is incredibly grateful to read for you today!”

For more on your Tarot Reader Katie, visit

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